This program can be undertaken on consecutive days or spread over a term.
It involves 2 days at Yarra Ranges Tech School.
9:30am – 2:30pm Sessions

This program introduces students to biomimicry, challenging them to look at how insects have developed specific abilities and biological features to overcome challenges.

The program puts students in the role of developers. Their challenge: to design and program robot that can clear obstructions from water pipes. As a team they will investigate insects, explore issues around water science, mechatronics, digital design and engineering principles. Over the two days the students will program small insectoid robots, Design and create a maze for the robots to navigate, and then create an environment using Unreal Engine Game Development and Virtual Reality.


Key Learning Objectives

Technologies Introduced

Industry Alignment

Please note: Teachers are expected to assist with the program and technology throughout the day. Optional professional development is offered for both technologies and the Human Centred Design Thinking process.