Student Programs

Due to the current restrictions related to COVID-19, we have modified and developed programs specifically for online delivery. Please see the online programs section below for more detail.

Yarra Ranges Tech School programs are co-designed with our industry, tertiary and community partners to ensure that students and teachers are exposed to real-world technologies, issues and trends. Human-Centred Design Thinking is at the centre of our program and is used to build and develop student's high-level transformative skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Global Citizenship

In our programs, students will work in teams of 4 to 6 to complete the challenges. Team-based problem solving is a critical means of developing high-level transformative skills.

Online Programs

In response to the remote delivery of schooling, Yarra Ranges Tech School is offering the following programs and challenges to our partner schools. These programs contain a mix of teacher-led; self-directed and YRTS facilitated sessions that can be delivered as a whole day program or spread across multiple sessions. For more information, please contact us via or 03 9286 9584.

Teachers can also access a wide range of online materials and resources via the Department of Education FUSE website:

Bees With Backpacks

Environmental Science

Future Mass Transit

Sensors, Aerodynamics and Apps

High Tech Hospital


Start-Up in Lockdown

Entrepreneurial Opportunities During a Pandemic

Sustainable Energy

Data Science

Sustainable House

Eco-Freindly Housing Concepts

Wearable Technology

Electronics & 3D Printing

Multi-day Programs (2 – 3 Days)

Smart Farming

Available Term 4, Piloting Term 3

Sustainable Housing

Available Term 1, 2021, Piloting Term 4, 2020

Autonomous Vehicles & Smart City

Available in 2021

High Tech Hospital

Available Term 1, 2021

Wearable Technology

Available Term 4

Single Day Programs

Available from when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

High Tech Hospital

Robots and Assistive Technology


Arduino Robots and Virtual Reality

Wearable Technology

Electronics and 3D Printing

Urban Farming

Simulation, Automation and Monitoring

Game Development

Virtual Reality

Autonomous Vehicles

Self Driving Cars

Sustainable Energy

Data Science

YRTS Introduction to Tech Design Sprint

Internet of Things and Design Thinking

For further information about our programs:

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(03) 9286
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