Smart Farming


This program can be undertaken on consecutive days or spread over a term.
It involves 1 day for immersion activities and 2 days onsite at Yarra Ranges Tech School.
9:30am – 2:30pm Sessions

This program introduces students to a variety of agricultural practices, current and emerging. Students will investigate current trends and explore the application of technology and innovation that can benefit or enhance any part of our agricultural and food production practices, from sensing and monitoring crops and animals through to harvesting, farm automation and the food that we eat in cafes, restaurants and in our homes.

Day 1: Discovery and Empathy Students will step into the vibrant ecosystem of an orchard, engaging with the life cycle of food production. They’ll delve into biosecurity’s significance and navigate our acclaimed farming simulation to grasp the challenges and aspirations of agricultural professionals in the Yarra Ranges and beyond.

Days 2 & 3: Design and Development Teams will channel their insights into designing smart, sustainable farming models. Using tools from Garden Planner software to Procreate, and technologies from M5Stack microcontrollers to robotics, students will prototype solutions tailored to the agricultural challenges they’ve uncovered.

The culmination is a showcase where each team presents their journey and innovations, making tangible their vision of smarter farming—from a novel cafe concept to a fully automated farm.

Key Learning Objectives

Technologies Introduced

Industry Alignment

* These visits may be physical or virtual depending on factors such as weather, site availability and government policies relating to student excursions.

Please note: Teachers are expected to assist with the program and technology throughout the day. Optional professional development is offered for both technologies and the Human Centred Design Thinking process.