Flipped Robotics


This is a 3-day program with a large in school component.

Taking Beta testing Bookings for term 1 – 2024

Flipped Robotics at Yarra Ranges Tech School is a dynamic program designed to introduce schools and students to the thrilling realm of competitive robotics. Schools participating in the program will receive a competition robotics kit, enabling students to embark on a hands-on journey in designing and constructing robots fit for the VEX Robotics competition. The program encompasses three insightful visits to the tech school, where students will collaborate with experts, test their robot designs on competition fields, and ultimately compete against other schools in the Yarra Ranges area. This immersive experience not only fosters STEM skills but also encourages teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving. Additionally, schools have the option to further their robotics education by expanding into dedicated robotics classes, empowering students to delve even deeper into the world of robotics and technology.

Yarra Ranges Tech School provides comprehensive support, offering the necessary curriculum materials, assessment tools, and teacher professional development. Schools can also choose to participate in statewide VEX Robotics competitions, broadening their competitive exposure. Whether students are newcomers to robotics or seasoned enthusiasts, the Flipped Robotics program equips them with the skills and opportunities to excel in the exciting field of robotics, all while making education engaging and impactful.

Program Components:

  1. Competition Robotics Kit Loan:
    • Participating schools will receive a competition robotics kit on loan.
    • Students will use this kit to design and build robots capable of competing in the VEX Robotics competition.
  2. Tech School Visits:
    • The program includes three visits to the Yarra Ranges Tech School.
    • Visit 1 – Introduction to Robotics:
      • Students will be introduced to the VEX Robotics competition and the robot design process.
      • They will collaborate with EMU5, the Melbourne University robotics club, to gain insights and expertise.
    • Visit 2 – Testing and Evaluation:
      • Students will have the opportunity to test and evaluate their robot designs on the VEX Robotics competition field.
      • This visit will focus on refining and optimizing their robots for competition.
    • Visit 3 – Competitive Showcase:
      • Students will compete against other Yarra Ranges schools participating in the program.
      • This visit serves as the culmination of their efforts, allowing them to showcase their skills and innovations.
  3. Statewide VEX Robotics Competitions:
    • Schools will have the option to participate in VEX Robotics competitions held across the state, offering a broader competitive experience.
  4. Curriculum and Assessment Support:
    • Yarra Ranges Tech School will provide all necessary curriculum materials and assessment tools to assist schools in implementing the program effectively.
  5. Teacher Professional Development (PD):
    • Teachers will have access to professional development opportunities to enhance their robotics knowledge and teaching skills.
  6. Expansion to Robotics Classes:
    • Schools interested in expanding their robotics offerings can choose to run full robotics classes based on this program.
    • Typically, in years 7-8, three students collaborate on a single robot, while in years 9-12, five students work on a single robot.

Key Learning Objectives

Technologies Introduced

Industry Alignment

Please note: Teachers are expected to assist with the program and technology throughout the day. Optional professional development is offered for both technologies and the Human Centred Design Thinking process.