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This program requires 1 day visit to the Yarra Ranges Tech School.
9:30am – 2:30pm Session

This program offers students an in-depth exploration of the food industry and business operations, encompassing the entire supply chain, from growing crops to achieve the most yield and income and designing restaurant meals to get the highest profit, to delivering food in the fastest manner.

Managing a farm: Students will be immersed in a real-time farming simulation environment, responding to different scenarios by identifying, implementing, and evaluating solutions to design an urban farm and keeping it operating productively. Students will then calculate their overall farming yields and earnings after tax.

Running a restaurant: Building on the crops they cultivated, students will collaborate in teams to craft three-course meals and establish their restaurant presence in the marketplace to cater to actual customers. They will also acquire the art of negotiation for sourcing complementary ingredients. Students are encouraged to devise innovative strategies to enhance their sales. At the end of this session, students will calculate how much money they earnt.

Delivering food: Students will learn how to deliver food to customers through autonomous vehicles. This includes route planning, with block coding, culminating in competition where their delivery vehicles’ performance is evaluated based on delivery time, obstacle avoidance, and any creative flair!

Key Learning Objectives

Technologies Introduced

Industry Alignment

Please note: These visits may be physical or virtual depending on factors such as weather, site availability and government policies relating to student excursions.