Adornment Jewellery Making


It involves 1 day at Yarra Ranges Tech School.
9:30am – 2:30pm Session



This program introduces students to the concept of vector images and essential Adobe Illustrator tools to craft designs tailored for laser cutting. Through hands-on activities, students explore the interplay of shapes and textures to transform their visions into wearable art. From concept to production, students unleash creativity to design personalised jewellery pieces that they can take away after the day. Students will also learn how to upcycle existing adornments for sustainable practices and problem-solve.

Vector Design: Students will learn to use Illustrator on iPads or computers to create their jewellery designs with a focus on shape, texture and linework.

Laser Cutting: Students will learn to export their designs ready for laser cutting and gain troubleshooting skills for testing and prototyping different materials including acrylic and plywood with different material properties.

Assembling and Manipulating Metals: Students will learn simple techniques to assemble their laser-cut pieces by manipulating and twisting metals with specialised tools, adding beads, chains, wire, and hooks to create wearable adornments.

Key Learning Objectives

Technologies Introduced

Industry Alignment

Please note: Teachers are expected to assist with the program and technology throughout the day. Optional professional development is offered for both technologies and the Human Centred Design Thinking process.