Rail Design Challenge

Are you fascinated by the world of rail and have a flair for design and innovation? Here’s an incredible opportunity for students from years 9 and 10 to unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills in the Rail Design Sprint Competition!

September 18, 2023
September 20, 2023
Yarra Ranges Tech School
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Hosted By: Yarra Ranges Tech School

The Rail Design Sprint invites students from years 7 and 12 to Yarra Ranges Tech School for an exciting 3-day design sprint. Participants will embark on a journey to tackle real-world challenges faced in the rail industry, focusing on creating innovative solutions using Human-Centered Design Thinking.


Students will have the option to choose one of two thought-provoking challenges:

Challenge A: Enhance Passenger Experience with a Rail System App or Software

Participants will conceptualize and design an app or software that revolutionizes the passenger experience in a rail system. This could encompass features like real-time updates, seamless ticketing, navigation assistance, or even social connectivity to enhance the overall rail journey.

Challenge B: Design a rail carriage of the future.

In this challenge, students will delve into the realm of design. Their mission is to develop a forward-thinking, train carriage that ensures maximum comfort for travellers.

Activities and Resources:

During the 3-day design sprint, students will receive comprehensive training and access to cutting-edge technologies and tools. They will learn how to use various digital design software like TinkerCAD, Illustrator, Miro, and others, to bring their visions to life. Additionally, they will have hands-on experience with 3D printing, littlebits, laser cutting and so much more to help prototype their ideas.


The Rail Design Challenge Competition offers an enticing incentive for participants. Two exceptional teams will have a chance to win one of two $1,500 prizes, celebrating their exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills.

Key Dates:

1st of September Registrations submitted
Monday 18th of September10am to 3pmFirst day of the Rail Design Challenge at Yarra Ranges Tech School  
Tuesday 19th of September10am to 3pmSecond Day of the Rail Design Challenge at Yarra Ranges Tech School  
Wednesday 20th of September10am to 12pmThird day of the Rail Design Challenge at Yarra Ranges Tech School  
Date to be advised Awards night for the two groups who win the Design Challenge. Location to be advised.  


Monday 18th 10am to 3pm at Yarra Ranges Tech School

Tuesday 19th 10am to 3pm at Yarra Ranges Tech School

Wednesday 20th 10am to 12pm at Yarra Ranges Tech School

Join us for this incredible design challenge, where your ideas and innovations could shape the future of rail travel! Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in the world of transportation and unlock your potential in the Rail Design Sprint at Yarra Ranges Tech School.

To register your interest for the Rail Design Challenge contact Stacie at yrts-admin@boxhill.edu.au

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