Trades and Tech…endless possibilities

January 29, 2021

Written by Ashley Van Krieken

A core focus for us at the Tech School is to develop partnerships with a range of stakeholders in order to ensure that our programs, technology and career information is relevant to the current state of industry. An exceptionally valuable source of this information, aside from our wonderful industry partners is through the various faculties of Box Hill Institute.  On Friday 22 January I had the pleasure of presenting to the broader Trade Faculty staff on the Tech School and inviting them to explore with us, our partners and their partners how collaboration can drive relevant, current and engaging programs that demonstrate future careers and how advanced technology is being used in the construction, manufacturing and automotive sectors.

We also had the pleasure of closing the day off with a tour of the Tech School. Not only was I a little nervous about showcasing the Tech School we also needed to juggle showing over 50 people around the space while observing COVID restrictions and guidelines. On both fronts we succeeded.  To see the Tech School is to understand the Tech School and we had a large number of conversations during and following the tour about the potential to develop programs for secondary students, share resources and better engage with the broader community. 

What I enjoy most about these engagements is the raft of knowledge that exists – we had great recommendations for technologies to look at, sharing of how different tech could be introduced to students and an improved understanding of the role that Tech Schools play across Victoria in not only the training and skills development pipeline but also broader industry innovation and growth.