Sustainability at YRTS

February 18, 2021

Written by Shivneel Prasad

YRTS recently took another step in its journey to become more sustainable with its recent purchase of a portable plastic recycling kit. The kit travelled all the way from Netherlands into the YRTS precision manufacturing space.

The kit consists of:

  • SHR3D IT, an innovative plastic processor that recycles old plastics into high-quality printing granulate.
  • Airid Polymer Dryer which is designed to eliminate any moisture complication that may occur within a polymer. Additionally, within the dryer, the stirring rotator guarantees evenly dried materials across all surface areas.
  • Filament Maker, a desktop extruder that extrudes custom 3D print materials which we will use in our 3D printers.

We found a lot of synergy between the YRTS goals and those of 3devo who supplied the kit:

“3devo is a tech company founded by young inventive engineers in the Netherlands. Our mission centres on developing accessible and high-quality products to empower innovators and creators.”

This statement is very much in line with our goal to empower the young minds of today not only to be sustainable but also lead the way in innovation for the ever changing world of the future.

The recycling kit will be used initially to recycle failed 3D prints done onsite, reducing our waste stream while also reducing ongoing consumable costs.  Over time given the capabilities of the unit we hope to work with the broader Tech School community to recycle other types of materials such as

  1. PET bottles
  2. Polystyrene
  3. ABS and nylon filament

Visit this link to see the different types of plastic our kit can process.