Virtual Coronavirus Challenge

What is it?

Young Change Agents (YCA) in conjunction with Yarra Ranges Tech School, Telstra and Monash Tech School, are offering to facilitate two design sprints to empower young people to explore problems caused by the Coronavirus and ideate and validate potential solutions.

How will it work?

Design Sprint #1

The first Design Sprint is a whole class activity where students will work in small teams to apply the Design Thinking process to answer the following question: 

‘How might we support those that have been impacted  by the Coronavirus, now and in the future?’ 

Young Change Agents have provided high-quality, instructional videos and resources to guide the students through the Design Thinking process in order to expand their thinking. The Sprint will require approximately 1 hour of teaching time (following the prepared teaching guide and resources) and approximately 7 hours of student engagement in their teams. 

Yarra Ranges Tech School will be on hand to provide mentorship for teams throughout this process in order to facilitate the students learning and to offer support to both students and teachers when required.  

Ideally the work will take place between Week 3 – 7 (25 April – 22 May) however, the materials will be available if you would like to start before this date.  

Once the students are confident with their response to the Design Sprint question, they will submit their idea onto the YCA website (submissions can begin from 11 May but there is a strict deadline of 29 May to qualify for judging). 

All teams will be judged by a Coronavirus Challenge panel of Industry experts and be eligible for prizes.  

Design Sprint #2

The second Sprint will take the winning team from Sprint 1 of approximately 5 students and will occur around Week 9 – 11 (1 June – 26 June.) 

Sprint 2 will take students through a refining process of their initial idea, they will explore customer and user journeys and validate and prototype their ideas.

The Sprint will be led by YCA, through close facilitation and mentoring by Yarra Ranges Tech School and Telstra, it will not require input from the school. However, you may need to organise a suitable time for your students to engage with the Sprint that fits around your schedule. This could mean they are released from other activities, carry this out as an extra-curricular activity or a small group class activity.  

The students’ refined ideas will be submitted and judged again by a Coronavirus Challenge panel of Industry experts and will be eligible for prizes (more information to follow). Following this there will be a celebration week where the students work will be showcased on several platforms.

We suggest that students who are not involved in Design Sprint 2 could engage with our online High Tech Hospital workshop which includes Design Thinking and explores the use, and programming of, service robots. Alternatively, there are many smaller challenges that have been posed by local organisations that the students could participate in. This way all students will be following Design Thinking processes and learning, albeit different projects. 

How do I participate?

If you would like to participate in the Virtual Coronavirus Challenge, please let Yarra Tech School know by 1st May by contacting our facilitator Zoe Green at or 0431 478 543. However, ideally we would like to know prior to this so that we can organise a smooth delivery of support and materials for you. 

For a quick outline of Design Thinking in the meantime, please click the following link: