Sherbrooke Community School goes to YRTS

March 12, 2021

Written by: Denise Dempsey – Science Teacher at Sherbrooke Community School

The Design Thinking day at YRTS was a great opportunity for our new year 7 and 8 students to mix with our old year 8’s for a day of fun and collaboration. We are a small school so we had 30 odd excited students. The day started with the YRTS team setting the scene to think about public transport and how to improve it. The students were divided into well mixed groups and off they went to various rooms to experience working with electronics, remote driving cars or 3D printing. Each student came back to their original group as an expert in that field. They then worked on their ideas for improving the transport system of the future.

The YRTS were excellent in getting students to use their imagination and kept things moving. They answered all the students’ questions patiently and then helped them if required.

It was great to see our students totally absorbed in their projects and having lots of fun. They all said they wanted to come back! They had a very special and educational day AND they learnt a lot without even knowing it!