Online Teacher Professional Development – Human Centred Design Thinking

July 17, 2020

Written by Lindy Johnson

Last month Yarra Ranges Tech School (YRTS) ran an ‘Introduction to Human Design Thinking: Teacher Professional Development’ session – our first online delivery. It included not only key STEM Teachers from some of our partner Schools, but several teachers from Box Hill Institute’s Design and Community Service areas.

Chris Harte and Ashley are a great team for delivering a PD for ‘Design Thinking;’ they’re so passionate! The energy in this session was really positive and fun. The online format is so personal and relaxed; everyone could see who else was online. Some of us hadn’t met before, and now we all know each other. It was really enjoyable seeing the questions flying in thick and fast from teachers in the chat section – you could see that this would be the first of many Design Thinking PDs. This way of teaching is so completely different from a traditional classroom – it’s exciting to see the engagement from teachers, before they’ve even taken it to their students. There were many tools to support the process for teachers, and we’re planning on delving more deeply into each area of ‘Design Thinking’ in our next PDs.

Thinking about how kids today will be working, and living, tomorrow, was both interesting and a bit scary! What they need to equip themselves with today is the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn, so that they can keep up with the skills required for the many careers they may have. It will be moving so fast, so their deep thinking and openness to change is the constant that will carry them forward to thrive in the future world.

‘Design Thinking’ can help grow this muscle.