National Science Week with the Childrens Centre

September 15, 2022

This year for National Science Week we investigated the theme of Glass: more than meets the eye. Yarra Ranges Tech School decided to share the beauty of science week by inviting the local childcare centre, Lilydale Lakeside Children’s Centre, to attend for a little bit of fun. The children were aged between 3 and 5 and were given the task to create a periscope or a hologram. 

The older children were given the challenge to create a periscope. As they walked into the Exhibition Space the pieces were placed on the table before them. The children, with assistance from the Tech School staff, were able to put the laser cut cardboard pieces together with masking tape. The mirrors were set in place and the children pushed the bits together like a puzzle. This was a tricky task for the kids but with the helps from YRTS staff they were able to complete their periscope. Once completed they tested their creation, hiding behind chairs and spying robots that the staff had hidden around the room. They had a great time and then got to take the periscope back to Kinder to share with the other kids. 

The younger children were given the task to create a hologram, this was done with 4 triangles etched into plastic with the laser cutter. The children, with assistance, pushed out the shapes from the plastic sheet and taped them together. Once the sides were together they were able to place it on an I-pad, which produced the hologram. Some children watched fire burn while others looked at minions dancing, they loved every minute of it. Such a simple design brought lots of joy to the children, they were then able to take it back to their kinder room to share it with the other children and staff. 

Everyone had a great time celebrating National Science Week.