Faculty of IT takes over the Tech School

February 5, 2021

Written by Ashley Van Krieken

On Friday 29th January as the Tech School team readied themselves for Term 1 programs, Box Hill Institute’s faculty of IT team joined us for a one-day design sprint. Over the course of the day they toured the Tech School, built an understanding of our technologies and how we apply these to our secondary students. YRTS, the faculty of IT and our industry partners have a history of collaboration, with several of our most popular programs over the last 4 years coming from this tripartite collaboration.

In what is normally an environment of very intense Technology discussion, the day provided us with an opportunity to introduce the Faculty of IT to Human Centred Design Thinking. They used this as a means of considering and developing solutions to a particular problem or challenge.  The group fully embraced the process, generating some great ideas in a small amount of time.  Identifying a number of opportunities for further work and potential enhancements and growth to some of the existing programs. The Faculty of IT were also able to generate a large number of ideas through the process.

With YRTS having the capability to run networking and Cybersecurity activities for our students, it also cemented a strong base on which such programs and technology can be incorporated into our existing and new programs.

We look forward to watching the opportunities continue to expand with our partner schools reaping the benefits.