Design Sprint 2 – Coronavirus Challenge

July 23, 2020

Written by: Zoe Green

22nd July
Logging in to the Zoom call with two of our partner schools this morning, I was very excited (and a little apprehensive!) for what the day had in store.

Ashley and I joined a remote meeting with the participants of two teams who were selected by a panel of judges, to participate in a further Design Sprint around how to solve issues that have arisen due to Coronavirus.

The session started promptly at 9am and the students, along with other selected teams from across Victoria, were ready to go!

Students began by introducing themselves and their initial ideas and it was great to hear so many different concepts and potential designs targeting different sections of the community.

The focus and maturity of the students was clear as they participated in empathy activities to assess the viability of their product in relation to its potential users. The teams worked well in assigning their roles, being forthcoming with ideas, and respecting each other’s input.

After a quick break and leg-stretch, we were joined by the Telstra mentors. Each mentor had been carefully assigned to a group to ensure there was a match between the teams’ idea and the mentor’s individual skillset and experience. The mentors listened intently with great interest to the teams’ ideas and thoughts, asked insightful questions and shared their industry knowledge to offer unique perspectives and suggestions for the teams to consider.

At 1pm we were asked to re-join the main group and reflect on the day’s sessions. The response from students, Telstra mentors and facilitators was overwhelmingly positive and there was a real buzz from the group. It was evident that the students were thinking of new ways to give their concepts a competitive edge!

The last session will be held next Wednesday and this will also be the students’ last contact with their Telstra mentor. From today’s session it is very clear that the quality of the designs will be incredibly innovative and impressive – we can’t wait for what next week will bring!