Bookings have exploded!

February 24, 2021

Written by Stacie Gibson

In 2020 we had no idea what would happen with our 2021 programs and bookings. Online delivery had its challenges – completely rewriting existing programs or developing new programs quickly to deliver to our keen partner schools. From a 2021 bookings perspective COVID also definitely made things different and we quickly had to adapt to a new kind of normal. No longer could we visit our partner schools and showcase what we were offering for our new and improved programs for 2021.

So like a lot of tech schools we decided to throw a Virtual Program Launch. Inviting all 20 partner schools we equipped each of them with a bookings template and our program brochure. The event was a success with multiple teachers logging on to hear about our exciting programs, moving from virtual room to virtual room to speak first hand with the facilitators.

To our delight the bookings started to come in strong and fast. Each teacher coming to us with a list of programs and students to enroll into the tech school for lessons. Very early in term 1 we had to close of all further bookings for that term, which is a first for the tech school. Shortly after, we closed bookings for term 2 with a wait list for other schools still keen to book in.

Term 3 and 4 are filling up fast. If you haven’t booked yet don’t forget to get in soon as spaces are limited. Contact Lindy at or call her on 9286 9594. Don’t forget to view our 2021 Program Brochure on our website.