BHI Design Workshop

July 17, 2020

Written by: Ashley Van Krieken

Over the second half of 2019 and into 2020 Yarra Ranges Tech School has been implementing the Human Centred Design Thinking (HCDT) process to its programs.  This has coincided with a broader push by the Tech Schools community to work with the Bastow Institute on a formal design thinking program for teachers.  The HCDT process is not only being implemented for our Student and Teacher programs but also being offered to our industry, community and tertiary partners.  

This was applied with a range of teaching staff from the design areas of Box Hill institute in early July.  Designed initially as an on-site program the YRTS team worked to turn it into a remote program.  This in itself significantly assisted us in modifying all our programs to online delivery.  Conducted over a day participants moved to each of the stages of HCDT before developing low fidelity prototypes.  The intent being that they continue to work on these ahead of attending a follow-up session.  

The day also provided an opportunity for a virtual tour and all participants were introduced to various technologies utilised by YRTS in a virtual environment.  Feedback was extremely positive from both the participants and the YRTS staff conducting the program.  

For more information on our HCDT thinking process visit our website. Industry, community or tertiary partners interested in HCDT can visit the Corporate Programs section of the YRTS website.